Our 'new' site has now been around for just over a year and it's going strong... And it's only getting stronger.

Luxury dog beds, tote bags and our new 'Pets Rock' book are all available on our site but we have also recently brought a brand new range of t-shirts. Perfect as Christmas presents, you can kit the whole family out with both kids and unisex adult tees available. What's more, our 24 designs all feature our swanky updated characters who all now have their bottom halves with legs and feet! Check them out here

More good news... We're on the CASE having partnered up with Head Case Designs who create high quality phone and tablet cases and proudly now have an extensive Pets Rock range. With 107 designs and 250 different types of case on offer, there is a mind-boggling 25,000+ cases available to get your heads round - You can even create your own and personalise them! Browse the collection here

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