Excuse the lame and inexcusably poor pun used in the title of this post but as you can tell... This has something to do with ASDA!

If you head down to your local ASDA and weave your way into the George at Asda section, you'll be sure to find the products pictured below. So if you're kid's bedclothes are looking a little tatty, or your daughter/younger sister/cousin/niece... (You get the picture) ...would like one of these snazzy tees, splash out on one of these products and show our Pets Rock characters some love!

If you find anymore products on your shopping travels, make sure you let us know as we are office bound and don't get to roam the high-streets on a regular basis!

asda_tee_2_medium.jpg asdas_duvet_medium.jpg asda_tee_1_medium.jpg